Angelina Rosario is a leader, certified IPEC coach, author, speaker, and overcomer. She has influenced thousands of women by teaching them that trials and setbacks are their secret weapons towards achieving success and becoming their best version. Born and raised in Miami, FL, Angelina teaches others to move out of the way of blocking their blessings and how to tap into their inner truth to live an abundant life. Angelina worked hard to change the trajectory of her life. She went from being a statistic to a success story. She was raised in the projects in Miami, Florida, in a neighborhood called Liberty City with a single mom and two sisters. She’s overcome heartbreak six years ago and recently recovering from a tumor in her face the size of a baseball. She’s undergone four major surgeries in the past four years, removing five teeth and removing a nerve and bone from her right hip, which left her barely walking for one month, but she didn’t allow obstacles to make her lose sight of her purpose. When odds stacked against her, she was determined not to let conditions to stop her from achieving her goals and using her pain towards a purpose. She decided to face her fears and tears and step into her mission.

In 2017, while in ICU and fed through a tube, she promised to God that if He got her through this, she would devote her life to helping others become their best version of themselves. Because Angelina has a heart for helping women; on any given day, you can find her pouring into the lives of other women by speaking positive words, sowing seeds to assist in healing from a broken heart, promoting healthy lifestyles, or how to be successful in the business world. She Fixes Crowns, a company Angelina launched, teaches women how to go from mediocre to excellence in every area of their lives. Her vision is to empower women on how to leave a legacy for generations to come. She teaches women by using her experiences and spiritual methods she applied to become a boss babe. She believes, “Success is no accident; if you want to achieve amazing things and build a successful life, you have to do it on purpose.” Because of her faith, obedience, hard work, and dedication, she was able to turn her storms into blessings. She achieved her success by walking the talk. Angelina is the face of success. Instead of focusing on fear, pain, and the difficult days, she decided to endure and focus on the promise. When Angelina is not working on the MOTW Podcast, you can find her leading the sales department in the media industry, leading seminars, writing, or speaking, she enjoys spending time working out, reading, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.