What to do when you feel like quitting?

Giving up teaches you absolutely nothing. You can't reach your maximum potential if every time you face hardships, you quit.

Envision if every time there was a hindrance in your life you just gave up. Would you ever learn anything out of just simply giving up? Of course not. When you give up, you give up the possibility of growth. Growth will always be the thing that propels you over the next person. People don't want to hear what only goes well with you; they also want to listen to what went not so well. How can you tell someone else how to overcome difficulties, when every time life hit you, you throw in the towel.

When you feel like you have nothing else to give, remind yourself you are never alone. People have beaten illnesses, financial hardships, unemployment, heartbreaks, loss, etc. The impossible has been done. Now, the unworkable situation you are facing may be a gloomy picture. But somehow, somewhere in this shrinking world, people have overcome similar circumstances. They were afraid, sure! They felt victimized and have asked the question, “why me, God?” But they chose not to quit, they decided to fight another day.

Look to these people, read about them, let their story inspire, motivate and hold your hand through the challenges you are facing. They chose to beat their circumstance. Did they feel like giving up? Most probably yes! Put this in your heart and mind, “If others can overcome, why can’t I?” Be determined!

Remember, quitting is for the weak. We have been given supernatural strength to succeed. One of the most potent forces in this world is the human spirit.

Your body can endure so much more than what you think it can. Your mind is so robust when equipped with the right knowledge, and tools. With these two things at their maximum capacity, nothing in the world will take you down. Yes, the world is a tough place, but you are tougher than what the world throws your way. You may be down, but you're not out. You may be in a hard chapter, but remember God wouldn’t have allowed the challenge if He wasn’t planning on working it out for good. Your current situation does not represent you. Your faith and perseverance can get you through ANYTHING. You can always defeat what life throws at you.

Greatness is revealed most when a person has beaten the odds and gotten back up after all the punches, hooks and uppercuts that life has thrown. This is the birth of triumph. This is where the character is defined and where champions are created. Not on mountain peaks, but in the deepest valleys. This is the place where the heroic story begins. Your finest moment is not birthed on a bed of roses but a bed of nails. Not quitting is the first step to overcoming – it is that much-needed baby step to victory. But choose to believe in yourself. This is an outstanding choice. This decision might be your last. Make the right selection. Choose to know it is possible. Choose to succeed despite the odds.

Your story can change the world. Each of us can improve lives, make a difference and make the world, our country, our city or even our home a better place. Focus on the mini achievements until you can grip the big one.


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