Let Your Story Be Your Comeback!

Everyone deals with hard times. If it’s financial, health, relationship, children, family, etc. We all go through challenges. I’ve been through my health journey for the past three years, and every step took a higher level of awareness not to fall into the victim mentality. I’m finally on the last stage of this season; however, I’ve often reflected and wondered how I managed to push through it.

I believe there’s a perception that successful people don’t have problems or that money can help you solve every obstacle that comes your way. I hope by now a few of you have met hugely successful (monetary wise) and noticed many are depressed internally, which proves money can't buy you the pure joy you are seeking.

I admire and enjoy reading up on ordinary people who made their stories extraordinary by not giving up.

  1. Benjamin Franklin couldn’t afford to attend school after he turned 10

  2. Oprah Winfrey was abused as a child and ran away from home at age 13

  3. Franklin D Roosevelt lost the use of his legs to polio before becoming president

  4. Hellen Keller became deaf and blind when she was 18 months old

  5. Ludwig van Beethoven from tinnitus and a gradual loss of hearing

  6. Ludwig van Beethoven Winston Churchill have had dyslexia (some dispute this), and suffered emotional instability

  7. Walt Disney had attention deficit disorder

All of them demonstrated and showcased what a resilient and never giving up attitude will allow you to achieve.

Don’t Give Up

This is probably the one typical characteristic of all successful people, and it is an especially important trait for anyone struggling with challenges they didn’t bring upon them. Thomas Edison is someone I reflected on when I felt like giving up in the middle of my battle.The inventor of the light bulb and the phonograph, Thomas Edison, is well known for his relentless perseverance. Edison tried thousands of ways to develop the electric light bulb until he finally succeeded. “Why I have not failed,” he once quipped, “I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Edison also overcame his childhood obstacles; he suffered from hearing loss and was labeled “addled” by his teacher, so his mother homeschooled him. As a parent, don’t let your child use an obstacle as an excuse to give up. Help him find a way around it and adapt to it, and encourage him always to keep trying.

Stay Positive

I know it sounds cliche, but science has proven when you fuel your mind with positive thoughts your outlook on problems will shift to the solution and open you up to possibilities. Whatever the barrier, it is just one area of life. It’s OK to be sad, disappointed or angry at the problem, but positive people are also grateful for what they have, and they don’t lose hope for the future. This type of positivity can be empowering, and it can prevent negative feelings from taking over and causing depression.

People who are excited about life, and are joyful within are more than likely have an optimistic mindset and a high level of consciousness. They refuse to dwell on what's going wrong and chose to focus on all the possibilities. They don’t allow their setbacks to determine their outcome.They used their setbacks to be their comeback.

Many of these accomplished people would likely say they gained useful character traits as a result of a particular challenge, which ultimately aided them in their success. Their individual stories can be an inspiration for all those dealing with obstacles.

Find New Solutions for Overcoming Obstacles

During the past three years during my health journey, I have discovered new ways of looking at my tumor. Yes, it was hard, but when I shifted negative thoughts to the positive, and started sharing my journey, it brought me into a whole new world. A world of new people and new energy. All types of doors started opening up. It wasn’t until I surrendered and asked myself “how can I use this painful chapter for a greater purpose?” My hard time started looking like more of a blessing. My story has not only helped me but has also helped countless of people who are also going through a challenging season. Find a way to look at your current situation with a new pair of lens. Tap into your right side of your brain and get creative with all the great possibilities this season holds for you. You may not get it right the first try but keep trying until you do. Life is a game and if you play it right, you will live a joyful one. Did you notice I didn’t say happy? You will have sad days but use those days to become the best version of yourself. I enjoy basketball, and Michael Jordan said it best-“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career,” basketball great Michael Jordan quoted as saying. “I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Many challenges in life may seem impossible and limiting, but people throughout history have proven that obstacles can be overcome and even be beneficial. Learn from every stressful moment even if it means you have to cry it out. You will look back and be so proud you didn’t give up on yourself.

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