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How To Make Better Decisions

Let’s continue discussing the importance of decision making.

We make thousands of decisions every day. Many are easy, but others are complex, stressful, or both. However, the decisions you make regarding your health, finance, relationships, and career can cost you if you make the wrong one or make none at all, which is still a decision.

How to make better decisions?

Learn From Your Mistakes

We are human, we are not perfect, and eventually, we will make mistakes. Making a wrong decision from time to time is unavoidable. It is what we do about those mistakes that teach us the most. For example, if you used your credit card to buy something because you don’t have the cash to purchase is probably not the best financial decision. If you are still talking to a man who’s proven he’s not deserving of your time, not the best decision when you are trying to attract your soulmate. If you are overweight and decide to continue eating unhealthy meals and chose to watch TV instead of taking a walk around the block is another wrong decision. As you can see how one bad decision can lead to other destructive choices, and before you know it, you’ve formed a bad habit and living an unhappy life. Yep, better decisions can create a happier life.

The only way we can know whether we have made the right decision, or a wrong decision is by making those decisions, taking responsibility for the results, and taking steps to correct any poor decisions we have made.

Making Better Decisions

Having had the experience of making poor decisions and dealing with the outcome of those decisions will serve as a tool to help you make better decisions in the future. The key to making better decisions is teaching yourself and making sure that you are fully informed about the contributing factors. Undoubtedly, most of us have heard the phrase “knowledge is power.” If you start observing your actions and owning the areas you need to change and plan to do so, you will begin making wiser decisions. You are always one decision away from living the life you’ve always desired.

The worse thing you can do when faced with a decision is to overanalyze the issue. Over analyzing the situation will only make the decision seem more overwhelming, or you make it bigger than it is.

One of the tools I use to make wiser decisions is meditation. It can help you bring more clarity and peace to a decision you need to make. When you quiet your mind and go within, you will find the answer within. I’m not saying it is always the most comfortable decision, but if you trust your inner wisdom, you will find the most challenging decision was the best decision.

Try going somewhere this week where you can quiet your mind for a minimum of five minutes. Take 3 deep breaths and listen to what that soft voice tells you is the right next move. Once you hear it, could you write it down and take action?

I hope this topic will help you make bolder decisions so you can continue walking into your purpose.

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