How to Find Your Why

Let me first start establishing some expectations for you. If you have no idea what your "Why" is right now, is not going to happen overnight. For most people, it takes months or years. It's not like looking for your lost keys; it's a process.

I found my “why,” in the middle of my health journey. I did see glimpses before that; however, I wasn't fully awakened to understand I was always called to help women find their purpose in their pain.

To find your "Why," you need to begin a daily self-awareness practice. My top recommendation is writing your thoughts, feelings in your journal, and see where exactly you find most enjoyable and even lose track of time when doing it.

I truly believe everyone has a "Why." It's hidden in the patterns of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and habits. The vast majority of the people who tell me they don't know their "Why" are not willing to go for what they want in life due to some fear. Fear will stop you from becoming what you were always destined to do.

The unknown is a scary place, especially if you only have functioned in the comfort zone. The comfort zone will leave you feeling a void and can even lead to depression. Everyone's "Why" is hidden in a different place and can be uncovered in many different ways.

Here are the most common areas of your life to start looking:

Your Values

They are your core beliefs that guide your actions, behaviors, and your interactions with the world.

Your Motivations

Your motivations are the actions you feel the urge to take to express "your Why." It's what gets you excited to work without having to give in to external pressure from others. They are actions you enjoy immensely and make you feel satisfied.

Your Passions

Your passions are the interests that continuously leave you wanting more. You want to spend more time experiencing them than you are currently able to do. You can't stop thinking about them.

Your Strengths

Your strengths encompass your natural abilities- your innate talents. They are your natural tendencies for work. They are tasks that come easy to you and feel satisfying when you complete them. Sometimes you wonder how anyone else could have difficulty completing them because they are so effortless for you. (If you don't have a grasp of your strengths, consider taking the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment.)

Once you've made a list for each of the above, read each statement and ask yourself, "Why?". That simple question will get you to dig deeper, so you can discover your own "Why."

Asking Your Inner Circle

Sometimes we are always the last to know something about ourselves. Our trusted inner circle of family, friends, and coworkers often sees something in ourselves we fail to notice.

A word of caution: DO NOT ask them what they think your "Why" is or what you should do. You want your inner-circle to shed some light on your patterns. Ask them what you think gets you most excited in terms of work or what they think your strengths are. Remember, only you can find your "Why."

Questions to Ask Yourself

Find your why by asking yourself some of the following questions. Take five minutes to answer the questions below.

1 What gets you excited or can't stop thinking about?

2 Is there a problem or challenge that emotionally moves you to take action?

3 What kind of work would give you a sense of satisfaction or fulfillment?

4 What aspect of your career have you enjoyed across all your past work experiences?

5 What kind of work feels effortless to you, but drives your curiosity to learn more?

My "Why"

So I would be remiss if I didn't share my "Why" with you. It took me years to vocalize, but looking back, it was always there. That's the paradox of finding your "Why." It's hidden in plain sight!

I help people use their pain for a higher purpose. It's usually when you are going through challenges in life that you find out what you are made of by using a variety of tools. I believe every person has a "why" and I help the person discover what's always been in them.



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