How To Build Real Confidence

Self-confidence is the difference between feeling unstoppable #bossbabe and feeling insecure. Your opinion of yourself has an enormous impact on how others perceive you. Perception is the reality — the more self-confidence you have, the more likely it is you’ll succeed.

Once you know your #purpose, developing your #confidence becomes a matter of retraining your brain. To fulfill your goal, you need to present yourself as a confident person. There is no other way to do it. Ignore the unpredictability that holds you back; second-guessing yourself will open the door to hesitance, doubt, and fear. As you let go of pessimistic thoughts that are not serving you, your body will take the cue that it’s time to stand up straighter, stop squirming and present as the best possible version of yourself. Your mind and body begin a positive feedback loop, each part noticing the increasing confidence of the other and responding in kind.

Are you asking yourself negative questions? If the things that come to mind are, “How come I’m not successful?” “Am I not intelligent enough to reach my goal?” “Do other people see me as a loser?” Then you are setting yourself up for defeat.Shift the pattern of your thoughts to, “I will I accomplish everything I set my mind to?” and “I will focus on my strengths.” When you speak to your in a positive manner, you get a better results. As Tony Robbins says, “Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.” If you go into a situation knowing that you can handle it – whatever it is – then that’s exactly what you’ll do.

By shifting your negative self-talk, you can more easily gain confidence. If you find yourself having negative thoughts, or asking yourself limiting questions when it’s time to be confident, stop yourself. Think something positive about yourself instead, and begin focusing on all the reasons you’ll succeed instead of why you’ll fail.

There’s one incredible technique that will help you figure out how to build confidence even when you’re at your absolute lowest: Thinking about something you feel great when you are doing it. When you’re feeling unsure of yourself, check to see if you are focusing on your strengths or weaknesses. Recognizing your strengths and concentrating on what you are great at will instantly elevate your mood and allow you to channel some incredible self-confidence. Once that happens, your mind begins to think in positive terms, not negative ones.

As you practice tapping into confidence more often and begin to believe in your abilities, you’ll be able to access those feelings of well-being and pride faster and more often.

You are in charge of your emotions and can use them to form your life however you choose. Decide today that you’re going to be a more confident, positive version of yourself, and you’ll have no other option than to succeed.


Avoid procrastinating #teamnoexcuses. Putting things off will only make you more tense and worried.


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