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Angelina Rosario is a renowned leader, speaker, certified ICF execution coach, and bestselling author, 3 times President Circle Winner with Bell South and 2 times President Circle Winner with Cox Media Group and with over 20 years in sales and leadership. Not only has she lifted herself from poverty to success, but she has also empowered others to transcend similar barriers. With a proven track record of achieving an average 6-10% YOY increase in sales revenue by implementing her proven R.T.E Formula in a competitive media sales industry, she has transformed challenging moments into opportunities for growth.

Throughout her career, Angelina has mastered the art of effective leadership by tapping into her inner truth and acceptance of her authentic leadership style. As a passionate speaker, she is committed to sharing her knowledge and wisdom with organizations seeking to strengthen their leadership teams and drive meaningful change.


As a leadership coach, Angelina focuses on providing leaders, sales team, organizations with the tools they need to overcome challenges in both their professional and personal lives. She equips individuals to unlock their unique strengths, values, and passions, fostering a culture of growth and development aimed at building strong, cohesive, and high-performing leadership teams that propel businesses forward.


If your organization is seeking a dynamic speaker and expert guide to transform your leadership team, Angelina is here to inspire and empower your leaders on their journey towards becoming the exceptional leaders they were born to be. Contact Angelina today to learn more about her services and experience firsthand the transformational power she can bring to your organization.

She's Been There Done That
      Why Hire Angelina?

Within every individual lies the potential to become an exceptional leader. By tapping into your inner guidance, and leveraging your unique strengths, passions, and values, you can bring forth your authentic self and inspire others toward greatness. Let us guide you on your leadership journey, empowering you to lead with purpose and positively impact your organization. – Angelina Rosario

The three pillars of leadership coaching - Reflect, Transform, and Execute - are crucial for developing successful leaders within an organization. By focusing on self-reflection, transformation, and execution, leaders can enhance their skills, drive positive change, and inspire their teams to achieve their fullest potential. Mastering these pillars equips leaders with the tools to tackle challenges, prioritize tasks effectively, and make a lasting impact within their organizations and industries.


Reflect (R):
In this pillar, we delve into the power of self-reflection and its impact on effective leadership. Leaders learn to assess their strengths and weaknesses honestly, acknowledging areas for growth and development. Embracing self-reflection leads to:


•Increased self-awareness, enabling a better understanding of their impact on others

•Improved decision-making skills by considering past experiences and lessons learned

•Enhanced emotional intelligence, fostering better relationships with team members


Transform (T):

This pillar focuses on leadership transformation. Leaders develop new skills, adapt to change, and evolve as effective leaders. Emphasizing transformation leads to:

•Innovative strategies to inspire and motivate teams

•Methods to navigate complex challenges with confidence and agility

•Techniques to build a strong and cohesive team culture

Execute (E):

In the final pillar, we explore the importance of execution in achieving desired outcomes. Leaders learn how to turn their visions into reality through effective planning, communication, and collaboration. Focusing on execution leads to:


•Strategies to prioritize tasks and allocate resources effectively

•Tools to monitor progress and adjust plans when necessary

•Ways to hold team members accountable for their roles and responsibilities



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Angelina's Proven Success Leadership Formula

Reflect, Transform, Execute (RTE):

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