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About Angelina Rosario

Angelina Rosario is a success coach, author, and motivational speaker. She has influenced countless people by teaching them that trials and setbacks are their secret weapons towards achieving success and being the best versions of themselves.


In 2017, while in ICU and being fed through a tube, Angelina pledged to God that if he would heal her, she will dedicate her life to helping women elevate to their highest and brightest potential. She doesn’t just talk the talk. Angelina worked hard to change the trajectory of her life.


She was raised in the projects in Liberty City with a single mom and two sisters. She’s overcome childhood poverty, heartbreaks, financial struggles, a tumor in her face the size of a baseball, that inhibited her from talking and walking for months.


She believes all of life’s traumas and setbacks are meant to build you, not break you. She is certain that “Success is no accident, if you want to achieve amazing things and build a successful life, you have to do it on purpose for a purpose.”

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